By registering for the IRIS payments service, you can now make and receive payments instantly and with safety, without using your IBAN account number.

You can do this with just your VAT number, your mobile phone number, or by simply scanning your IRIS payments QR Code.

Attica Bank Offer

Activate the IRIS payments service through Attica e-banking and Attica Mobile, and receive payments from your clients at no cost!

*The offer is valid from July 1st to December 31st, 2024.

*The Bank reserves the right to revoke the promotion at any time if necessary, at its sole discretion and for any reason or due to force majeure. In such cases, participants do not acquire any right to compensation, nor do they have any other claims against the Bank.

How to Register for the IRIS payments Service

To start receiving payments into your Attica Bank account, you need to be registered with Attica’s digital services (Attica e-banking & Attica Mobile) and follow these steps:

  1. Log in with your personal credentials to Attica e-banking or Attica Mobile, and from the “User Actions” menu, select “IRIS payments Management”.
  2. Select your VAT number and, if desired, choose to register with your mobile phone number as well. Also, choose one of your available business bank accounts that you wish to connect for receiving payments.
  3. Complete the registration process by entering the One-Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS.
  4. Upon completing the registration, your QR Code linked to your bank account is automatically created in Attica Mobile. You can display the QR Code to receive money instantly (via Attica Mobile, from the User menu > View IRIS payments QR Code).

How to Receive Money

Once registered for the service, you can easily receive payments instantly, regardless of the number of transactions, up to €500 per transaction, as follows:

  • By showing your personal QR Code generated after registration, which you can find via Attica Mobile.
  • By providing your VAT number or mobile phone number (if chosen during registration).

Your money is immediately available in the connected account, which you can check via Attica e-banking or Attica Mobile in the transaction history.

How to Make Payments

Once registered for the service, you can:

  • Send money instantly to anyone already registered with the IRIS Payments service up to €500 daily, regardless of the number of transactions, using just the recipient’s mobile phone number.
  • Pay professionals by entering their VAT number, mobile phone number, or simply by scanning their IRIS payments QR Code.

To complete a payment, the beneficiary must be registered with the IRIS payments service. If they have not registered, a relevant message will appear on your screen.