Attica Business POS is an Open Working Capital Account that ensures liquidity and coverage of the short-term needs of your business.

  • It is linked to the sales of the business, through the POS terminals or E-commerce services of Attica Bank.
  • Depending on the ANNUAL amount of transactions carried out through the POS terminal or e-commerce services of Attica Bank, a limit can be granted, which will be repaid through future transactions carried out through the terminals of the business.
    (a) Specifically, a pre-agreed percentage (up to 35%) of the net levy receipts is automatically withheld through the settlement of POS/E-commerce terminal sales, where it automatically repays the limit used, while the remaining percentage is credited to the linked deposit account of the business or professional.
    (b) There is also the possibility of making payments from own resources for faster repayment if this is desired by the business or professional.

Choose at Attica Bank the solutions that offer you the secure financing of your business and benefit from the POS terminal, enhancing its liquidity.

At a glance


Amount of Funding
From €5.000


Interest rate
Variable interest rate, 3M Euribor plus spread from 3.50% to 7.90% plus the Law 128/75 Contribution (currently 0.60%).
The interest rate depends on the creditworthiness of the customer.


Indefinite with annual renewal


Interest rate


Type of financing
Revolving Limit / Open Parallel Account.


Gradual repayment of the principal of the financing through the receipts of the business using the POS through automatic deduction of up to 35% of the net receipts to repay the principal of the financing.


Loan costs
Fixed €300 / annual credit limit renewal costs