Banking with Attica Bank is now more convenient than ever. Discover the features of Attica Bank e-Banking.

Available Services


Account Overview
Instantly check the balances and activities of your deposit accounts, cards, term deposits, loans, insurance policies, and investment portfolios. You can also easily download and save your account history in PDF, XLS, and CSV formats.


Execute transfers between your accounts, to other Attica Bank accounts, or to banks in Greece or internationally (via DIAS). Fees for transactions to other banks are detailed in the bank’s Special Banking Terms and Conditions (available at the bottom of this page).


Bill Payments
Efficiently pay your utility, water, telecommunications, private insurance, and public sector bills. Choose to pay by selecting the provider from a list or by entering the 25-digit Payment Code starting with “RF”, which includes all necessary information about the organization or company. Transaction fees are listed in the bank’s Special Banking Terms and Conditions (document at the bottom of this page).


Card Payments
Make payments with your own or a third party’s credit card at Attica Bank or any other bank by debiting your bank account.


Standing Orders
Set up standing orders for bill payments to any organization without any setup fees. Payments are automatically processed on the due date by debiting your bank account. Fees for each transaction are specified in the bank’s Special Banking Terms and Conditions (document at the bottom of this page).


Cheque Card Application
Apply for a cheque card via Attica e-banking and visit your chosen branch to collect it.


Mass Payments Service
Save time and operational costs with the Mass Payments service, which allows for bulk payments to third-party Attica Bank accounts and accounts at other banks, with applicable fees, using an electronic file through Attica e-banking.


POS Transactions
For POS terminal owners, you can view and save the transaction history of all transactions made through your connected POS(s). This includes “Purchases”, “Purchases with Installments”, or “Purchases with Installments and Prepayment”, and the status of each transaction as “Successful” or “Unsuccessful”. You can view transactions up to the statement date and select the period for which you wish to view transactions, with a default period of three days.


Personal Details for Alerts & OTPs
Via Attica e-banking & Attica Mobile, view the personal details you’ve provided to the bank for receiving SMS and email alerts and OTPs. To update any of these details, use the eGov-KYC option available through Attica e-banking.