The Financial Institutions & Correspondent Banking (FIG) manages Interbank and Correspondent Banking Relationships, as well as collaborations with other non-banking institutions characterized as Financial Institutions Group clients.
These may include Stock Exchanges, Mutual Fund Management Companies, and organizations within the Public and broader Public sector.

Bank to Bank Relations

The relationships between Financial Institutions are crucial for the development of banks. They facilitate global connectivity, risk management, and efficient cross-border transactions.
These relationships allow banks to access financial services in various geographical areas.
They also support international trade by enabling effective cross-border payments.
Additionally, they provide access to global financial networks.

Attica Bank manages these relationships effectively to achieve growth and efficient operations in the financial sector while implementing proper risk management measures.
Furthermore, Attica Bank offers a wide range of services to its customer group falling under the Financial Institutions category, such as Trade Finance, Custody, Treasury Products, Payments & Cash Management, always in collaboration with the relevant Bank units.
It also provides services to ensure mutually efficient and profitable cooperation, while promptly taking corrective actions when needed.

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