The Attica Bank Group, recognizing the importance and impact of implementing responsible business practices within society and understanding the increasing significance of these actions on its corporate reputation, has positioned Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a fundamental and integral element of its business strategy and operations.

The horizons for the new era of Corporate Social Responsibility are changing and expanding globally, as they no longer serve solely as a means of philanthropy, but as a driving force for a fairer society with universal Corporate Social Responsibility goals, incorporating the values and criteria of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance).

The Corporate Social Responsibility of the Attica Bank Group is a practice of the Group, with respect for humanity and human values and principles, incorporating environmental, social, and economic actions in the areas in which it operates. Through Corporate Social Responsibility, the Attica Bank Group expresses its steadfast commitment to the goal of long-term sustainable development and creating a positive impact on society, embodying the Bank’s values in action.

The ESG opportunity for businesses and the greek economy