Are you a sports fan and are you preparing for the marathon? Do you enjoy outdoor activities?

Now all you need to carry with you to carry out your transactions is your Garmin smart watch!
Garmin Pay™ was developed to enable sports and technology fans to easily and securely make transactions without having to carry cash, wallet, card or mobile phone.

Discover the smart watches that support Garmin Pay here.

Step-by-step procedure to add Attica Bank Visa to Garmin Pay


From the application menu, select: Garmin Devices (Garmin Devices)


Select the Garmin watch you want to activate your card on, then select “Garmin Pay”


Tap “Create Your Wallet” – you will be prompted to create a 4-digit Passcode, which will be used during your transactions.


Select the Add Card icon & enroll your Attica Bank Visa cards (credit, debit or prepaid) by following the application instructions.


For your security, a message will appear asking you to accept SMS from the Bank to your mobile phone in order to receive the 6-digit activation code (OTP) of your Attica Bank card in the Garmin Pay application.

When the activation process is complete, a message will appear on your mobile phone and watch. Now you’re ready to shop intact, just with your watch!

How to make your transactions with Garmin Pay

  • Before you can use your watch for transactions, you must have at least one payment card added.
  • Press and hold the power button on your watch to go to the Navigations Control Menu.
  • Select the Garmin Pay icon and enter your password.
  • Select the card you want to pay with. The card you last used appears first. After you select a card, you have 60 seconds to complete the transaction.
  • Keep your watch close to the POS to pay intact. The edge of your watch screen illuminates to confirm that your transaction has been completed.
  • After successfully entering your password 1 time, you can make password-free payments for 24 hours while you continue to wear your watch.
  • If you remove the watch from your wrist or turn off heart rate monitoring, you must re-enter the password before making a transaction.

Read the Garmin Pay terms of use HERE.