Add your Attica Bank Visa card to your Google Pay™ digital wallet and enjoy an easy and secure way to make transactions via your Android phone or Wear OS watch.

Google Pay is a fast and simple way to make payments.

All you need to do is add your Attica Bank card to your digital wallet and you can ensure an easy and secure way to transact via your Android phone or Wear OS watch.

Step-by-step process to add Attica Bank Visa to Google Pay


Open the Google Wallet app.


At the bottom, tap Add to wallet


Tap Payment card. All the cards you have saved in your Google Account are displayed.


Tap New credit or debit card. To add a card, use your camera or tap Automatically enter details.


At the bottom, tap Save.


Read the issuer’s Terms of Use and tap Accept. If you are asked to verify your payment method, set an option from the list.

After this step, you’ll receive a message that your card has been added and is ready to make contactless payments in stores, online or in apps where Google Pay is accepted.

After you add a card, you may find a small transaction on your account from Google Wallet.
This transaction is used to verify the validity of your card and account. This transaction will disappear soon and does not affect your balance.

Transactions in retail stores

When you want to pay, you simply open the screen of your Android device and bring it up to the card acceptance terminal (POS), where the following signs are displayed:

In some cases, such as in high-value transactions, you may be asked to unlock your device, e.g. with your fingerprint or with the device’s pattern or PIN.

The final result of the transaction is displayed on the POS screen. Google will also send you a push notification with the transaction result.

Transactions in online shops

With Google Pay, you can make online transactions on websites and apps around the world. Simply, when you’re ready to pay, select Google Pay as your payment method or tap “Pay with Google Pay”.

That’s it! No need to enter your card details.

Read the Google Pay terms of use HERE.