How do you benefit?

With Attica Bank’s term deposits, you can manage your money safely, choose the duration of the investment and increase its performance flexibly and according to your needs.

Their range can be from one day to two years. At the end of the predetermined period, the customer receives the amount deposited plus accrued interest.

Time deposits are offered in euros and other currencies.

At a glance


Who they are for
Legal or natural persons.


Interest rate
The interest rate is negotiable, is applied to the entire amount of the deposit and remains fixed for the duration of the deposit.

It is determined at the opening of the fixed-term deposit on the basis of the principal, the duration of the deposit and conditions on the capital markets.


Deposit renewal
On the maturity date of the fixed-term deposit, principal and interest shall be deposited in the customer’s linked account and the fixed-term deposit shall not be automatically renewed. However, there is an option to renew the deposit at the current interest rate if the relevant product remains available.


Interest rate
Interest is payable on maturity of the term deposit and is subject to taxation in accordance with current legislation, which currently provides for a 15% tax rate.


Early repayment in Euro
Early partial or total repayment is possible. Interest is calculated according to the specific terms of the product concerned.


Through the digital services Attica e-banking & Attica Mobile, you have 24-hour access to the details of your term deposit. If you will be informed by SMS of the expiry of your term deposit.