How do you benefit?

At Attica Bank, through the My Home program, you can get a low-interest mortgage loan of up to €150,000 for the purchase of your first home if you are 25-39 years old.

75% of the loan is interest-free, financed by the D.I.P.A., while the remaining 25% has a low interest rate.

At a glance


Young people aged 25-39 who do not own a property that meets their housing needs.

In the case of spouses (marriage or cohabitation agreement) at least one of them must meet the age criterion.


Income criteria
Your annual gross income, according to your most recent tax return, must start from €10,000 and go up to:

  • €16,000 for unmarried persons
  • €24,000 + €3,000 per child for married couples or persons in a civil partnership
  • €27,000 + €3,000 per child other than the first child for single-parent families

The total annual gross income is determined in accordance with the limits set for the payment of the heating allowance, by a decision issued pursuant to Article 79(1) of Law 4756/2020 (Government Gazette 235/A/26.11.2020).

Contract Value

Special features

  • The loan amount covers up to 90% of the purchase contract value with a maximum loan amount of €150,000
  • The term ranges from 3 to 30 years
  • For 75% of the principal of the loan, i.e. the part financed by the D.I.P.A., the interest rate will be zero
  • For 25% of the principal of the Loan, i.e. the part financed by Attica Bank, the interest rate will be interest-bearing. Attica Bank offers a floating interest rate Euribor quarter plus a margin ranging from 2,9 % to 4 %, without the contribution of Law 128/75. In addition, the beneficiary of the scheme does not pay any loan examination fee

Additional benefits


Possibility of immediate issuance of Attica Card Visa credit card, without subscription fees


Provision of discounts on fire and life policies for the borrower


Ability to upgrade the energy efficiency of the home, through the specialised consumer loan Attica Eco Solutions