What is it and how do you benefit?

The Tiered Interest Rate Sight Interest-bearing Account is a high demand account and is the perfect solution for you if you are a freelancer or have your own business and are looking to concentrate your cash with a higher interest rate yield.

This option offers you highly competitive interest rates, while allowing you to view your account transactions through transaction copies provided each calendar quarter. In addition, you are given the option of issuing checkbooks in accordance with our business and pricing policies.

The minimum amount for the initial deposit is set at €1,500 and the account is also offered in foreign currencies.

At a glance


Who it is for
It is addressed to natural and legal persons with commercial activity to serve their daily business needs.


Rate of interest

  • €0 – €5.000 0,02%
  • €5,000.01 and above 0.05%

Interest rate
The interest rate applies to the total amount of the deposit. Credit interest is calculated on the basis of the average semi-annual account balance and is added to the account at the end of the last day of each calendar semester, i.e. 30 June and 31 December.

Credit interest is subject to a tax, which currently amounts to 15%.

What are the advantages

  • We offer you the possibility of issuing cheque books with preprinted depositor’s details or your company name.
  • You are offered the possibility of issuing personalized cheques for corporate accounts.
  • You are offered the possibility of paying debts to the State.
  • You are given a debit card which allows you to access the account through the ATMs of Attica Bank and other Banks via the interbank system DIAS.
  • You can carry out your transactions both through ATMs and Attica e-Banking.
  • The account is also available in foreign currency with different interest rates.