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Services for Individuals -

Ease and security in your transactions

Attica Bank currently provides* to all Visa & Mastercard debit cards Holders (Individual and Businesses) the new Attica Debit Card Alerts service.

With the new service you receive a notification** through Viber or SMS in the mobile number you have declared to the Bank for the following kinds of transactions performed through your Debit card:

  • Withdrawals and cash withdrawal reversals from a connected account in an ATM in Greece or abroad.
  • Purchases and purchases reversals through POS or the Internet (e-commerce) in any business in Greece or abroad.
  • Refunds in your card.

Through the notification sent by the Attica Debit Card Alerts, you are extra protected against any unauthorised use of your card, while at the same time you feel more secure, since you monitor the card activity and by extension control your transactions.

In case you do not wish to receive the Attica Debit Card Alerts notifications, visit any branch of Attica Bank network (https://www.atticabank.gr/el/group/network/attica-network) to make a relevant declaration or call Customer Service in +30 210-3669000 and +30 210-3669600.

*The Service is temporarily free of charge for the customer and all debit cards participate automatically without the need to register with the service.

** The Bank shall not be responsible for the cardholder inability to receive notifications through Viber or SMS for technical reasons, indicatively: for network malfunction or area outside the mobile network carrier coverage, wrong mobile settings etc.

For detailed information regarding the specific terms of use of the service, please contact Attica Bank’s branch network or Attica Bank’s call center at 210 366 9000.

What it is

The Service for the Timely Notification of Malicious Use is provided to all Attica Bank cards (credit, debit, prepaid). It is a transaction control system, aiming to protect you against the unauthorised use of your card.

How it works

When sophisticated detection systems detect transactions that deviate significantly from the customary commercial behaviour of the holder, the notification mechanisms are activated and the need to confirm transaction authenticity is indicated.

In such cases, representatives of the Customer Service Department of the Bank contact you through telephone to confirm the originality and authenticity of the transaction. If communication is not possible, for your security and until confirmation that the transaction is not a fraud incident, they may temporarily suspend your card transaction ability.

For any clarification regarding the service, you may contact Attica Bank at 210-366 9000 & 801-11-500 900 or send an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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