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INDIVIDUALS Attica Prepaid Card Visa

Attica Prepaid Card Visa

ATTICA PREPAID CARD VISA, an innovative product, the first prepaid VISA card that was released in Greece.

What do you gain with Attica Prepaid CARD VISA?

  • Security, because you can make purchases over the Internet, controlling your costs as you can you specify the limit of your card.
  • Ease, as you can use Attica Prepaid CARD VISA in all businesses bearing the VISA sign in Greece and abroad and for transactions over the Internet.
  • Time, as, by donating an Attica Prepaid CARD VISA, you allow the recipient to choose the gift he wants.

How does Attica Prepaid CARD VISA make life simpler?

In addition to purchases, Attica Prepaid CARD VISA allows you to perform cash withdrawals from ATMs of all banks and completely free from the ATMs of the Attica Bank branch network. You can recharge your card with the amount you wish, until its expiry, through the e-banking service or at any Attica Bank Branch. Be notified on your account’s transactions by a statement to be sent to the address you have registered. In addition, you can find out the available balance of your card, by calling 210-3397167.

How do you get Attica Prepaid CARD VISA?

You can get an Attica Prepaid CARD VISA, worth € 30 to € 3,000, in all Attica Bank branches. The card is activated on the day following receipt and is valid for 5 years. The initial amount available for purchases and the expiration date are printed on the card upon its issue. You can also print your own personal message on your card, rendering it unique.


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INDIVIDUALS Attica Prepaid Card Visa