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Credit Cards

Ease and security in your transactions

Attica Credit Visa Business

In Attica Bank we have designed this corporate credit card to meet every need of your business.

business visa card

Mainly addresses:

medium or large-size companies with an aim be used by their executives to cover expenses (business trips, office equipment purchase, business lunches etc.) that they make on behalf of the company.



    Zero interest for transactions, provided that  the total of the account is repaid every calendar month on a predetermined date.

    Cash Flow

    Cash flow increase, throughout the period from the transaction date to its repayment

    Administration Costs

    Low annual card administration costs

    Card Limit

    Selection of card limit for each executive, leading consequently to better  administration of the company staff's expenses.


    The renewal of business cards Attica Credit Visa Business is effected annually, following the renewal of co-operation with each company.

    Cash Withdraw

    Temporarily not offered.


    Facilitation of transactions, with purchases in millions of enterprises worldwide  bearing the Visa sign.


    Analytical review of expenses by despatching a monthly statement, to the company as a whole and to each cardholder separately.


    Speed and safety as it belongs to the new generation of contactless credit cards.

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