Announcement, 10/07/2013

Attica Bank: Notification of significant changes in voting rights according to Law 3556/2007.

In accordance with Law 3556/2007, Decision 1/434/3.7.2007 and Circular no. 33 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and the relevant notification received on 9.7.2013 by New Hellenic Postbank S.A., Attica Bank S.A. (hereinafter the “Bank”), announces that following the commencement of the trading of new shares resulting from the recent share capital increase of the Bank, in which New Hellenic Postbank S.A. did not participate, the percentage of voting rights that New Hellenic Postbank holds changed to 1.12% corresponding to 7,847,570 voting rights on common shares. The percentage of the voting rights that New Hellenic Postbank S.A. held before the share capital increase, was 22.43% (that is, 7,847,570 voting rights). The date of the change of the percentage of voting rights held by the New Hellenic Postbank S.A. is July 10th 2013, that is, the date that the shares issued after the Bank’s share capital increase were listed on the Athens Exchange.