Announcement 07/05/2015

Replacement of Greek State's representative in accordance with the provisions of Law 3723/2008

Attica Bank S.A announces that by virtue of Ministerial Decision Γ.Δ.Ο.Π.0000539ΕΞ2015/Χ.Π.934 of the Minister of Finance (Government Gazette, vol. Specialized Placement of Employees and Administrators in the Public Sector, issue 305/30.4.2015), Ms Stefania Georgakakou-Koutsounikou was appointed as representative of the Greek State to Attica Bank’s Board of Directors (BoD) in replacement of the resigned Mr. Georgios Chortareas pursuant to the provisions of L.3723/2008. The term of such appointment commences with the publication date of the foresaid Ministerial Decision in the Government Gazette and shall expire at the end of Attica Bank’s participation in the provisions of L.3723/2008, as in force. The Bank’s BoD at its forthcoming meeting shall integrate the new representative of the Greek State into the BoD as an additional non-executive member, according to the provisions of L.3723/2008.

Attica Bank  S.A