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Attica Bank - Reassembly of the Board of Directors

Attica Bank S.A. informs its investors that the Board of Directors during at its today’s meeting, November 10 2020, following the resignation of the Chairman of the Board and non-executive member, Mr. Konstantinos Mitropoulos, elected a new Chairman of the Board, Mr. Konstantinos Makedos and Mr. Konstantinos Tsagkaropoulos as Vice President and was reconstituted as follows:


  1. Konstantinos Makedos, Chairman of the BoD (Non-Executive member)
  2. Konstantinos Tsagkaropoulos, Vice – Chairman of the BoD (Non-Executive member)
  3. Theodoros Pantalakis, Chief Executive Officer (Executive member)
  4. Ioannis Tsakirakis, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Executive member)
  5. Antonios Vartholomaios, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Executive member)
  6. Alexios Pelekis, (Non-executive member)
  7. Georgios Doukidis, (Independent Non-executive member)
  8. Eleni Koliopoulou, (Independent Non-executive member)
  9. Charitonas Kyriazis, (Independent Non-executive member)
  10. Andreas Taprantzis, (Independent Non-executive member)
  11. Aikaterini Onoufriadou, (Additional non-executive member and representative of the Greek State under the provisions of Law 3723/2008, as in force)

At today's meeting, the responsibilities and the representation of the Board of Directors have been also redefined. The term of the Board of Directors remains as determined by the decision of the Shareholders’ General Meeting dated 02.09.2020, i.e. three years.




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