Announcement: Resignation of a member of the Board of Directors

Attica Bank announces that its Board of Directors meeting on 10/1/2013 accepted the resignation of its executive member, Mr. Argyrios Zafeiropoulos.

The Board of Directors wishes to thank Mr. Zafeiropoulos for his contribution to the Bank during his term.

The election of a new member of the Board who will replace Mr. Zafeiropoulos will take place in a future meeting of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors with its current composition continues to manage and represent the Bank in accordance with article 18, par. 2 of its Articles of Association and the provisions of article 18, par. 7 of Law 2190/1920. Following the resignation of Mr. Zafeiropoulos, no further changes are introduced as to the composition of the BoD, its competences and the powers of representation.