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Attica Bank S.A. announces that the information which credit institutions have to report according to the provisions of article 6 of L.4374/2016 for the nine-month period of 2023 has been posted on the Bank’s website and can be viewed at the following link (in Greek): https://www.atticabank.gr/el/investors/investor-financial-results/periodical-financial-data?folder=2023

Attica Bank SA


Following the announcement dated 09.11.2023 and the relevant notification dated 13.11.2023 of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (‘’HFSF’’) concerning the significant changes in voting rights, under the provisions of article 7a of Law 3864/2010 in conjunction with the provisions of article 9 par. 3 of Law 3556/2007, as in force, Attica Bank S.A. (the "Bank ") announces that, following the listing of the total 4,980,256 new common registered shares of the Bank resulting from the conversion of warrants, according to the provisions of article 27a of L.4172/2013 (“DTC”) and the relevant articles of Cabinet Act 28/06.07.2021 as amended and in force by the Cabinet Act 34/25-08-2021 (jointly PYS), the percentage of the total voting rights held by HFSF in the share capital of the Bank, amounts to 72.5% from 69.5%.

Attica Bank SA

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