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Attica Bank hereby announces the appointment of Mrs. Eleni Georgiadi to the position of the Director of the Compliance and Corporate Governance Department of the Bank, from 02.05.2023. 
Mrs. Georgiadi has more than 20 years of experience in Greek banks and has been certified as a Certified Fraud Examiner while at the same time she is a member of IIA Greece, ACFE Greece and the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce. She has joined Attica Bank in 2018 as an internal auditor, served as secretary of the Audit Committee, while the last year Mrs. Georgiadi worked as an executive in the CEO’s office. Furthermore, she has worked in the Internal Audit Department of Piraeus Bank with expertise in regulatory compliance and retail banking units.
From 1999-2013 Mrs. Georgiadi worked at Hellenic Bank in the Internal Audit Department and in the Branch Network as a Branch Manager. She holds an MBA from Kingston University, London while she has also graduated from the Department of Regional and Economic Development of Panteion University.

Attica Bank SA


Attica Bank S.A. (hereinafter “the Bank”) informs that following the approval by the Athens Stock Exchange concerning its application for the clearance of securities derived from fractional balances, in accordance with Article 7 of L.4569/2018 and par. of the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation, will proceed with the clearance of 1,164 common registered shares of the Bank, which are in the Bank’s temporary account. The aforementioned common registered shares (fractional balances) will be sold during the period 15/06/2023-30/06/2023.
The Member that will carry out the aforementioned clearance is EUROTRUST INVESTMENT SERVICES S.A. Upon the completion of the clearance, the Bank will inform investors for the relevant results as well as the monetary payment to beneficiaries concerning the clearance proceeds.

For further information, the shareholders could contact the Treasury & Capital Markets and Shareholders’ Department (tel. +30 210 3669571 & +30 210 3669573).

 Attica Bank S.A.

Admission& commencement of trading in the main market of the Athens Exchange of 35,062,731 new common, registered, voting shares, each with a nominal value of  €0.05 of Attica Bank S.A. issued in the context of the share capital increase through cash payment with pre-emptive rights in favour of the existing shareholders

You may download the announcement HERE


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