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Attica Bank Societe Anonyme Banking Company, informs investors pursuant to Law 3556/2007, that on 25.08.2020, 63,758,540 common shares of the Bank from the Electronic Unified Social Security Fund's (e-EFKA) portfolio were transferred  to the Greek Engineers and Public Works Contractors Fund's (TMEDE) portfolio, in conformance with the Ministerial Resolution no. Fin. 7023/491/27.08.2019 (Official Government Gazette no. Β’ 3399/05.09.2019).

After the transfer, the percentage of total voting rights arising from the Bank's shares held by e-EFKA in the Bank amounts to 32.34% of common registered shares, while the percentage of total voting rights arising from the Bank's shares held by TMEDE in the Bank amounts to 46.32 % of common registered shares respectively.

Furthermore, investors are informed that, following the aforementioned transfer and given that the participation of e-EFKA in the Bank's share capital is now lower than 33%, as from the date of the transfer voting rights exercised by the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF), in its capacity as a transferee and pursuant to the special agreement of 31-07-2018 under article 114 par. 8 Law 4549/2018 between e-EFKA and HSSF, as regards 13.161% of the Bank's common registered shares held by e-EFKA and embodied in 60,704,203 common registered shares cease to exist.



Attica Bank Societe Anonyme Banking Company

Attica Bank informs its investors that the BoD at its meeting of 27.05.2020 and in accordance with the relevant approval by the adjourned Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of 24.06.2020 and following the statutory publications of the abovementioned decisions in the General Commercial Registry, within the Bank’s strategic plan, ended today with the signing of the relevant agreement, the disinvestment of the Bank’s subsidiary “AtticaBank Properties S.A.” and the transfer of the total (100%) of the Bank’s shares to a legal entity under private law under the name “Public Works Engineers Fund”, for a total price of €1,180,528.33. The profit from this transaction that will be reflected in the financial statements of the Bank and the Attica Bank Group, during the second half of 2020, amounts to € 680,528.33.


Attica Bank S.A.

Attica Bank informs investors that the Announcement of the H1 2020 Financial Results and the publication of the Condensed Interim Consolidated Financial Statements for H1 2020, which according to the financial calendar was scheduled to take place on July 30th 2020, are going to take place on July 31st 2020.




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