Time Deposits

Time deposits with high yield and especially preferential interest rates.

Attica Bank provides the following Time Account. Please check it to decide if it suits your needs.

Single Term Deposits

What is this?

Time deposits are a source of capital for the medium to long term funding of the Bank. These accounts are based on agreements between the bank and the depositor for the deposit of a specific amount for a certain period and a certain interest rate. Their duration can be a single day or even, in some cases, surpass a year. At the end of the fixed period, the customer receives the amount deposited plus due interest. Time deposits are also offered in foreign currency.



    Beneficiaries of the account may be either legal entities (SA, GP, SP, LTD, NPID, NPDD) or individuals with commercial activity.

    Interest Rate

    The rate is negotiable and applies to the entire amount of the deposit. It is defined daily according to the Current Interbank rates Market.

    Interest Charge

    Interest income is subject to tax (currently 15%).


    Upon its expiry, the time deposit may be renewed in accordance with the instructions of the client. It may be renewed with capitalization of interest or not.

    Early Repayment

    There is the possibility of early partial or total repayment, only with the Bank's consent and approval.


What is this?

3-month or 6-month Fixed Deposit, for high returns. Interest is paid monthly to your deposit account.


    Minimum Deposit Amount



    3-month or 6-month term deposit.



    Annual Interest Rate

    Nominal annual gross fixed rate depending the period and amount of deposit as follows:

    Amount in Euro Interest rate
    20.000 - 100.000 0,15%
    100.000,01 and up 0,25%
    Interest Payment

    Monthly interest payment (Interest on deposits is subject to 15% taxation in accordance with applicable Greek law).


    Payment of an additional amount equal to 100% of the total interest period of the deposit. That is, additional 3 months interest on the 3-month Fixed Deposit and 6 months additional interest on the 6-month Fixed Deposit. Thus, the Annual Gross Yield is

    Amount in Euro Total Yield including bonus at expiration date
    20.000 - 100.000 0,30%
    100.000,01 and up 0,50%

Attica My Value

What is it?

1-month to 3-month time deposit with a highly attractive interest rate.

Attica My Value time deposit offers you the possibility to secure the interest of the initial deposit for up to 6 or 12 months respectively by selecting an automatic renewal.

The process of selecting the special characteristics of the time deposit in one of our branches is brief. You have the ability to renew it without your physical presence, by choosing the automatic renewal option.


  • Minimum deposit amount


  • Duration

    One (1) month or three (3) months.

  • Currency


  • Interest Payment

    Receive your interest payment in your connected account every 1 or 3 months, depending on the duration.

    Moreover, you have the opportunity to:

    Make one early withdrawal of up to 20% of the capital at no charge.

    Receive notification with an SMS/Viber message or an e-mail on the dates of your time deposit interest’s beginning, expiration and yield.

  • Interest Rate Ranges
    1Μ initial duration 3Μ initial duration
    € 10.000 - € 50.000 0,30% 0,20%
    € 50.001 and up 0,50% 0,30%

    * The interest rates mentioned are gross fixed annually. The deposit interests are subject to taxation according to the applicable Greek tax legislation (currently at 15%).

For more information

regarding the detailed conditions for the sale of these products, contact the relevant officers of the Attica Bank branch network or on the phone +30-210-3669000.