Insurance Products for Individuals

Insurance Products for Individuals

Home Insurance

At Attica Bank, we know how important your property is.

That is why we work with INTERAMERICAN Anytime to offer you insurance for your home and its contents, with comprehensive plans, affordable insurance premiums, flexible coverage and simple and clear terms.

Why insure your home or its contents?

Today more than ever, our home is our refuge, makes our daily lives better, and offers security to us and our loved ones.

  • In the event of an unforeseen event or damage, your home and its contents will be the same as before.
  • Your home and its contents are assets of considerable emotional and economic value. That’s why it’s worth protecting them.
  • In case you have subscribed for a mortgage loan, you are required to insure your house, but it is up to you to choose the insurance company.
  • Are you a tenant? The house may not belong to you, but its contents are your property and you can secure it from any risk, at a very low cost.
  • Are you the owner of the house? Whether you live in your own house or you rent it to a third party, we can offer you a combination of coverage and price that will pleasantly surprise you.

What are the home insurance plans offered by Anytime?

Anytime offers 3 flexible home insurance plans that cover the building of the house, its contents or both.

Economic: the basic insurance plan, which is also suitable for mortgage loans, and secures your home at the most economical cost.

Value: the top insurance plan that protects your home from theft or malicious acts, at a very affordable price.

Premium: the ultimate coverage for your home, for any risk no matter what happens.

In all of Anytime’s new home insurance plans, “Earthquake” and “Damage from water and piping leaks” are optional coverages.

In addition, the extremely useful “Lock Replacement” coverage is offered completely free of charge in the Value and Premium plans.

Unique advantages from Anytime

  • Complete plans, affordable premiums
    The coverage you need at the right price, depending on the needs of your main residence, your summer house or their contents.
  • Simple and clear terms, state-of-the-art coverage
    We insure your home with easy and fast procedures, understandable terms and very low or even zero exemptions.
  • More for every part of the house
    The outdoor or ancillary areas (parking, storage spaces) of your home are covered by the insurance of the main areas, proportionally, and without any additional charge.
  • Compensation at fair value
    With Anytime you are compensated fairly and quickly, at the true replacement value of your damage.

Car Insurance

At Attica Bank, we know how important it is to travel by car.

That’s why we work with Anytime of INTERAMERICAN to offer you the security you need, ensuring affordable premiums, flexible coverage and access to free services.

Comprehensive car plans

Anytime offers 3 complete car insurance plans tailored to your needs.

Basic: Ideal solution for those who want the legally required coverage and transport of their vehicle in case of an accident.

Value: Comprehensive solution for those who want, in addition to the mandatory coverage, full Roadside assistance and protection from fire, theft, flood and much more.

Premium: Absolute coverage (mixed insurance) for whatever happens, regardless of who is responsible.

You can add Legal Protection and Crystal Breakage to all plans.The Basic plan offers full Roadside Assistance and Value offers vehicle rental on an optional basis.

Unique advantages and services

By choosing Anytime for your car insurance you obtain:

  • Competitive insurance premiums

Anytime has one of the most affordable premiums on the market and ensures you the opportunity to choose the duration and method of payment you want.

  • Mixed insurance and easy procedure

You get the coverage for Own Damages (you are covered whether you are responsible or not) in the fastest way and with a very small exemption (only € 350 in the collaborating repair shops of INTERAMERICAN or € 600 in a repair shop of your choice).

  • Exemption-free compensation

Who have zero contribution in case of a potential damage (other than for own damages).

  • 24-hour human service

In case of an accident, call 1158 and a specialized Anytime employee will come onsite to take over all the procedures. In addition, your vehicle is transported free of charge to the nearest repair shop.

  • Roadside Assistance Drive On Mobile app

With a click on your mobile through the Drive On app, you can notify the Roadside Assistance that will find your exact location, without having to report it.

  • Complete service for material damage

Immediate and responsible repair of your car in a wide and reliable network of repair shops or in the CAR POINT, the Standard Compensation & Repair Centre of INTERAMERICAN.

Do you want even more?

By insuring your car with Anytime, you get a 5% discount on 2nd vehicle insurance and a 10% discount on home insurance. In addition, free telephone medical advice 24/7 on the health line 1010 where you can discuss any concerns. And of course access to services that facilitate your daily life, such as on-site battery change, discount on service rates, buying a used car, etc.

Please consult one of our certified consultants, if you also want an offer for your machine, professional or agricultural truck.

Life Insurance

At Attica Bank, we know how important your family is. To ensure a good life for those you love the most, even if an unforeseen event happens and you are no longer close to them, we have developed 2 life insurance proposals in collaboration with INTERAMERICAN.

Why choose a life insurance?

It is a very simple choice you can make to guarantee the financial normality of your family life. Much more than a financial “lifebuoy”, a life insurance is a practical proof of love. It offers you:

  • Immediate dealing with current family expenses
  • Repayment of loan obligations
  • Repayment of inheritance taxes
  • Ensuring a future perspective (studies, development and professional planning)

A life insurance protects you substantially if:

  • you are the head of a family or have dependent members;
  • you have increased financial liabilities (loans, credit cards, etc.);
  • a businessman, who wishes to ensure the smooth running of the company in the event of the death of one of the partners.

Insurance Solutions for you


With a minimum insurance period of 5 years and a minimum insurance amount of € 10,000, it covers you from the risk of decease of the insured, if it occurs within a predetermined period and up to the age of 75 years.


It offers you all the Simple Life Insurance coverage, with the only difference being that it lasts for one year. You can renew it if you wish.

Enrich your insurance solutions with 2 additional very useful coverages

1. Exemption from Premium Payment

A possible accident or illness can keep any person away from work for some time. With the “Exemption from Premium Payment” coverage, you make sure that, in any such case, your insurance company will pay your premium. In this way, you do not lose your insurance. 

2. Permanent Lump Sum Insurance for Total Disability

This coverage provides a lump sum, in case you can no longer work due to a permanent total disability. 

Indicative example of costs and benefits

With an annual cost of € 253, your family can receive € 50,000, in case of decease of the insured (applies to 40 year old men, office employees. The program ATTICA SIMPLE LIFE INSURANCE offers insurance coverage for 25 years, based on the rates applicable in May 2021). The premium rises to € 338, if the “Exemption from Premium Payment” and “Permanent Lump Sum Insurance for Total Disability” coverage of € 50,000 are added.

For more information

regarding the detailed conditions for the sale of these products, contact the relevant officers of the Attica Bank branch network or on the phone +30-210-3669000.