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INDIVIDUALS Credit Cards Attica Card Visa Electron

Attica Card Visa Electron

Attica Card Visa Electron

  • 24h service throughout the world.
  • Cash withdrawal up to €750 per month per card (daily limit of €600).
  • Minimum instalment of 3% on given debit balance.
  • Cash withdrawal possibility using 290.000 ATMs around the world and 5.500 ATM in Greece.
  • Participation in interest-free monthly instalments plans.

Cash Refund Program depending on level of transactions.

For each purchase you have made (including purchases through interest-free instalments), 1% of the transaction value will be refunded and credited to your account, as long as your transactions in the previous two months exceed €150*.

The refund privilege applies to existing and new accounts, as long as they meet the following conditions:

  • Your account must be in existence for at least 6 months, and in the past 6 months it should not have been found in arrears.
  • Your account must be valid and not in arrears on the refund date.

The maximum amount of refund per calendar year for each account is €250.

*In case of purchases through interest-free installments, the value counted is the one of the installments of this period and not the total amount of the program of installments.


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INDIVIDUALS Credit Cards Attica Card Visa Electron