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Announcement 13/12/2013


Optional Conversion of Convertible Bond Loan

Attica Bank S.A. (the Bank) hereby wishes to notify the holders of the Convertible Bond  of an initial amount of 199,406,822.10 euros that was issued on 2.7.2013 in accordance with the resolutions of the First Repeat Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on 18.2.2013, the decisions of the BoD of the Bank dated 24.4.2013, and the Prospectus approved by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission on 3.6.2013  that the first date for the optional conversion of the notes of the above mentioned bond loan is Wednesday January 15th 2014.

Note holders can exercise their right to the optional conversion of the notes into common shares at the earliest 10 working dates before the aforementioned date and up to 3 working dates before the aforementioned date by submitting to the Issuer a letter for the exercise of the optional conversion right, in accordance with provision 26.2. of the programme of the bond loan. Note holders can convert all or part of the notes they hold. 

Each note converts into one new common, registered, bearing voting rights share of the Bank of a nominal value of 0.30 euros.

Following the relevant decision of the BoD of the Bank dated 29.11.2013, due to the lack of distributable reserves as this is reflected in the published financial figures of the Bank for the 9-month period that ended on 30.9.2013 and according to the estimates of the results for the year ending on 31.12.2013, note holders are informed that the provision 7.5 of the programme of the bond loan applies. Hence, in accordance with the provisions of the programme of the notes, no accrued interest will be paid to note holders that will choose to convert their notes until 15.1.2014. Such interest is not payable and the cancellation of the payment does not constitute a reason for the termination of the Bond Loan.  

Additional information regarding the exercise of the right for optional conversion as well as the form of the Letter for the Exercise of the Optional Conversion Right  can be found on the Bank’s website  www.atticabank.gr (available in Greek only under ‘Όμιλος/Επενδυτές/Κάτοχοι μετατρέψιμων ομολογιών’). Note holders can also contact the Bank’s Custody and Financial Operations Support Department (Shareholders’ Registry) at +30 210 3669261, +30 210 3669271, +30 210 3669266 (Ms Aggeliki Douskou, Mr. Stefanos Bairaktaris).

Attica Bank S.A.


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