Deposit Guarantee

Attica Bank is one of the Banks  participating in the Hellenic Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund (TEKE).

The Bank ensures its deposits, irrespective of currency, through the coverage provided by the Deposit Cover Scheme (DCS) of the Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund (TEKE) in accordance with the provisions under Law 4370/2016, as applicable.

In the case where TEKE possibly activates the reimbursement process,  the reimbursement amount is calculated taking into account the deposit account balances   minus any counter claims that the Bank may have against the beneficiary/depositor, if these counterclaims  have been overdue and payable on or prior to the failure date, based on data and information provided to TEKE by the liquidator of the institution under liquidation and according to the provisions of the Greek Civil Code,  and the legal and contractual provisions governing the overall relationship between the depositor and the credit institution under liquidation
It has to be  noted that TEKE does not pay the reimbursement, in the case where  no transactions related to the deposit were performed within the last 24 months, as well as in the case where  the value of the deposit is lower than the administrative cost that would be incurred by TEKE for  making such a payment.  “Transaction” is considered to be any actual transaction performed by the beneficiary, the depositor or a third party acting under any of the beneficiary’s instructions, as well as any application submitted to the Bank by the beneficiary, requesting information  on the deposit account balance.

Customers may obtain information about TEKE and deposits’ guarantee, as well as on certain excluded deposits’ categories via TEKE website  ( or the present  depositor information sheet, which  is available in all our Branches.

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