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Attica Bank - Update on Investor’s Information

Attica Bank Societe Anonyme (the "Bank"), informs its investors concerning the following:

ΑThe Bank's Board of Directors at its meeting of December 14th, 2022 approved the updated Business Plan for the years 2022 - 2025 (Business Plan 2022 - 2025 with an integrated Capital Plan). The abovementioned approved Business Plan has been submitted to the Bank of Greece. Furthermore, the Non-Performing Exposures Management Plan ("NPE Strategy will be submitted to the next BoD meeting for approval and will also be submitted to the Bank of Greece.

Β.  On 16-12-2022 the Bank was notified of the letter dated 15-12-2022 from the Financial Stability Fund, TMEDE, Ellington Solutions S.A. and Rinoa Ltd (as an investment vehicle advised by Ellington Solutions S.A.) (the "Major Shareholders") addressing the BoG for information and evaluation, received as a follow-up to the BoG's letter of 21-11-2022, regarding the participation of Major Shareholders in the upcoming share capital increase of the Bank.

C. The implementation of the actions and procedures of the Bank's capital increase is progressing according to the plan and according to the provisions of the legal and regulatory framework and with the convening of the General Meeting of Shareholders on 30-12-2022.

The Bank will immediately inform its investors for any development as well as for any clarifications of the Supervisory Authority.



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