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Further to the Bank’s announcement from 02.02.2023, Attica Bank informs investors that following the relevant notifications of Rinoa LTD and Mr. Christian Udo Schoening concerning the significant changes in voting rights, received in accordance with the provisions of Law 3556/2007, as applicable, following the relevant transfer of 120,861,838 shares of the Bank from Rinoa LTD to TMEDE (that corresponds to a percentage of 8.08% of the Bank's share capital and up until the aforementioned transaction, Rinoa directly controlled their voting rights), Rinoa Ltd does not hold any share of the Bank (thus any voting right), while the indirect participation of Christian Udo Schoening under his capacity as an ultimate beneficiary owner (UBO) of Rinoa Ltd was correspondingly nullified.



Attica Bank S.A, following its corporate announcements of 16.12.2022, 04.01.2023 and 18.01.2023, and in relation to the letter of interest of Thrivest Holdings Ltd for its participation in the approved and under implementation share capital increase of the Bank, notifies investors that the Board of Directors at its today’s meeting approved the initiation of conversations and the exchange of information and data with the stakeholder in relation to its participation in the share capital increase.

It is further noted that, following a relevant request from the Hellenic Capital Markets Committee, up until today the Bank has not yet received any proposal or any decision has been made concerning the merge of the Bank with any financial institution. Furthermore, the complete new Business & Capital Plan of the Bank in the context of its capital enhancement will be submitted to the competent supervisory authorities in the near future.

For any other issues related to the Bank’s capitalization actions, Attica Bank refers to the aforementioned corporate announcements.

Attica Bank will immediately inform the investor community concerning any new development.



Attica Bank Societe Anonyme (hereinafter the "Bank"), following its announcements regarding the approved and under implementation share capital increase, informs the investment community that it received today from the company Thrinvest Holdings Ltd a letter of interest for the latter's participation in it. The Bank's Management is in the process of evaluating the letter and its content.

The Bank will immediately inform investors of any development.




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